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Waterproof Dressings

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Cutifilm Protective Waterproof Film 10x8cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 628124

…protective waterproof film allows the skin to breathe but will not let water or bacteria enter through the dressing. Indications THIS PACK CONTAINS 5 CUTIFILM TRANSPARENT FILM 8CM x 10CM DRESSINGS. Warnings don not use on dirty or infected wounds. remove cutifilm protective waterproof film dressing

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Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 7.2x5cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 668125

Hypoallergenic Waterproof Dressings for Cuts and Grazes - 5 Sterile Dressings 7cm x 5cm transparent backing, bacteria proof, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive, non-stick pad, sterile. Skin tone. Dosage For weeping wounds change dressing daily, or more often, if wound fluid seeps through pad. Skin…

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Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 10x8cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 658127

…smooth cutifilm plus hypoallergenic waterproof dressing on to ssurrounding skin. 3 gently lift a rounded corner of the white tab and peel back the applicator sheet. 4 if required, lightly push down the dressing to ensure full adhesion. Dosage CHANGE DRESSINGS DAILY, OR MORE OFTEN IF WOUND FLUID…

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Cutifilm Plus Waterproof Dressing 8 x 10cm Tan Pk5

Catalogue Number: 648120

hypoallergenic waterproof tone no stick pad transparent backing bacteria proof Indications for weeping wounds change dressing daily or more often if wound fluid seeps through pad skin should be clean and free of oils. For single use only Dosage 1. clean dnd dry skin surronding…

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Cutifilm Protective Waterproof Film 7.2x5cm 5 Pack

Catalogue Number: 638122

Bacteria prof dressing for protecting stitches from water, wounds, holds in place inteavenous drips, and superficial wounds, allows skin to breath, but does not let in water

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Elastoplast 11471 Aqua Protect Waterproof Strips 40

Catalogue Number: 514668

Waterproof superior strips that let air in while keeping dirt, germs and water out. New waterproof superior strips from elastoplast now offer the most complete wound protection. Indications Wrapped And Sterilized: The technically advanced first aid dressing. Unique Microporous Film: Contains tiny…

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Elastoplast 48602 Heavy Duty Fabric Waterproof 8 Strips

Catalogue Number: 839041

…doesnt get soggy. The waterproof and breathable plaster membrane keeps the wound dry and protected from dirt and bacteria. The super strong adhesion sticks reliably without leaving any residues. Dressing length which can be cut to the ideal size Elastoplast HEAVY FABRIC WATERPROOF is the first heavy…

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Elastoplast 47892 Aqua Protect 5.X 7.2cm Skin Toned Pk5

Catalogue Number: 570560

Elastoplast hypoallergenic waterproof dressing skin tone for cuts grazes transparent backing, bacteria proof, waterproof,hypoallergenic adhesive, non-stick pad, sterile Indications this pack contains 5 cutifilm plus . Skin tone 7cmX5cm dressings

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Cutifilm Plus White 7.2cm X 5cm 5pack

Catalogue Number: 649022

dressings white for cuts and grazes 5 sterile dressings 7.2cm x 5cm Indications transparent backing bacteria proof waterproof non stick pad Dosage 1. Ensure skin surrounding wound is clean and dry. remove the upper printed backing paper .apply Cutifilm Plus hypoallergic waterproof dressing ensuring…

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Opsite Post Op 6.5 X 5cm Pack 5

Catalogue Number: 516490

…a clear waterproof wound dressing. It has an absorbent non-adherent melolin pad covered with clear opsite film. It allows body/limb flexing and is comfortable for the patient to wear. It allows the patient to bath or shower without the risk of contamination or the need for a dressing change.…

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Leukostrip 3 Pouches of 3 Strips (6.4mm x 76mm)

Catalogue Number: 544702

…cut, approximately 5mm apart. 4. Wound can then be covered with a wound pad such as Melolin or Cutilin, or a conformable dressing such as Cutiplast steril or a waterproof dressing such as Cutifilm. Dosage To remove Leukostrip wound closure strips, bathe the wound area with water and gently lift off…

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Opsite Flexigrid 6 X 7cm Pack 5

Catalogue Number: 595196

…film dressing which helps wounds to heal by creating a moist wound bed. The flexible grid backing allows recording of wound healing progress and is removed after the dressing is in place. Opsite flexigrid allows the skin to breathe but prevents bacteria or water entry through the dressing. Opsite…

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