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Omron Digital Thermometer MC343F

Catalogue Number: 909557

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Microlife Instant Ear Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 903960

$74.95 Add to Cart

Braun Touchless Forehead Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 907780

$79.99 Add to Cart

Vicks InSight Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 917787

Vicks Insight Thermometer - For accurate and fast 8 second readings, this is a three in one thermometer for oral, underarm and rectal use with new InSight technology.

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Surgipack Digital Thermometer 6344

Catalogue Number: 817056

Surgi Pack Digital Thermometer is easy to use and read. Beeps when temperature is ready to read.

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Omron Ear Thermometer TH839S

Catalogue Number: 838696

The Omron Ear thermometer provides quick 10 second readings, with professional accuracy. Product Features Fast 10 second readings Professional accuracy Last reading recall Water resistant Beeps when measurement complete Automatic shut-off Readable in Celsius and Fahrenheit Oral, rectal, underarm use…

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Vicks Forehead Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 703758

Vicks Forehead Thermometer features Fever InSight Technology, Easy to read, large colour changing display with backlight, Non-invasive, use even when child is asleep, Clinically proven accuracy, Gentle ComfortTouch Tip, Instant, 3 second readings, Memory Tracker recalls 12 readings, Safe, durable…

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Omron Digital Thermometer MC341

Catalogue Number: 507316

Omron digital thermometer offers safe, accurate and quick temperature reading For Oral and Underarm measurement Broad measuring sensor tip gives a more comfortable and accurate reading Fast, 60 seconds measurement for oral Accurate, measures actual temperature in C F Jumbo, clear display easy to…

$6.69 Add to Cart

Omron Digital Thermometer MC246

Catalogue Number: 726112

…Accurate - actual measurement in C and F. Buzzer beeps when measurement completes. Memory - last reading recall. Specifications: Model - Didital Thermometer MC-240 Power Supply - 1.5 DC alkaline-magnesium button battery Battery Life - Approx 1100 readings if used for 10 mins per day Sensing Unit -…

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Surgipack Digital Forehead Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 637753

The Surgipack Infrared Forehead Thermometer allows a simple and quick measurment of body temperature via the scanning of the forehead around the eyebrow area. This is particularly suitable for infants and young children. Features: - 3 second measurement - Fever alarm - Illuminated display/night glow…

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Medescan Touchless Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 845776

$99.99 Add to Cart

Vicks Digital Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 957882

$14.50 Add to Cart

Vicks Speed Read Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 927785

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Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

Catalogue Number: 519212

Model IRT 6030 Australias No. 1 ear thermometer ExactTemp pre-warmed tip for more accurate readings Unique positioning system - light sound confirm correct position Fast, 1 second readings Gentle comfortable - ideal for infants Memory recall Night light storage cradle 2 year warranty

$86.99 Add to Cart

Omron Forehead Thermometer MC 720

Catalogue Number: 941187

$64.99 Add to Cart

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