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Dermaveen Daily Nourish Oatmeal Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 597094

…section of this information Indications Dermaveen Oatmeal Shampoo is a unique formula combining the moisturising benefits of Sodium PCA with the anti-itch qualities of Natural Colloidal Oatmeal. Colloidal Oatmeal is a natural soap free cleanser, which restores the pH of the skin and is enriched…

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Sebamed Childrens Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 632676

…protect against dryness. Doesnt sting the eyes. Indications The 100 soap and alkali free, mild emollient formula is the ideal care for the delicate scalp and fine hair of babies and small children. Baby Sebamed Childrens Shampoo with its pH value of 5.5 promotes the development of the scalps…

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QV Hair Gentle Shampoo 200g

Catalogue Number: 890311

…sensitive skin, while delivering a beautiful healthy finish to your hair. Benefits Free from fragrance and botanical extracts. Free from soap and colour. pH balanced. Ideal for sensitive skin. Directions Massage shampoo onto wet hair and scalp, and rinse well. Repeat if desired. Tips For intensive…

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Sebamed Every Day Shampoo 200ml

Catalogue Number: 593811

For normal to dry hair and scalp. Soap and Alkali free. Extra mild cleansing for daily hair care. Retains moisture adds volume. Pleasant delicate fragrance. Indications The formula of sebamed Everday Sahmpoo is based on a new generation of mild organic cleansing agents and an active moistirizing…

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Gaia Organic Baby Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 748615

…on skin and eyes. soap sulphate free certified organic sweet orange gently cleabses your babys hair and scalp without dryness or irritation certified organic chamomile brightens and brings out natural highlights leaving your babys hair soft and shiny Use our nourishing shampoo to gently cleanse…

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Dermaveen Extra Gentle Baby Shampoo 250ml

Catalogue Number: 789351

Baby shampoo with natural colloidal oatmeal gently dleanses, soothes, protectes and hydrates the scalp. fragrance free,soap free and no lanolin parabens or dyes and ph balanced. Directions: wet scalp pour into your hand and massage gently into hair and scalp. leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

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Vetalogica Organic 2 In 1 Shampoo Conditioner 250ml

Catalogue Number: 701733

…1 shampoo conditioner is a unique blend of mild, natural ingredients to ensure natural oils are maintained in your pets coat. Scientifically formulated natural ingredients are pH balanced, sulphate free and soap free and is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Ingredients: Organic 2 in 1 shampoo

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Vetalogica Itch Relief Shampoo For Sensitive Skin 250ml

Catalogue Number: 767630

…Moisturising organic ingredients for sensitive skin are pH balanced, sulphate free and soap free and is suitable for use with flea treatment products Directions for use: Wet your pet, apply low foaming itch relief shampoo and rub through the coat. Rinse thoroughly and dry, leaving your pet looking,…

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Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo Lightly Scented 236ml

Catalogue Number: 719750

…This tear-free formula can be used on skin and hair for gentle cleansing that rinses clean with a soft, fresh fragrance. AVEENO Baby Wash Shampoo is formulated to be gentle enough for newborns and babies with sensitive skin. May contain citric acid AVEENO can be used every day to help…

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Advantage Dog 0-4kg Small Green 4 Pack

Catalogue Number: 778187

…kills fleas in your dogs surroundings your home - and provides protection for your dog when it comes into contact with other pets that have fleas. Safe for puppies of any age, Advantage provides month long protection, controls lice and is water-resistant when combined with a soap-free shampoo.

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Dermaveen Daily Nourish Oatmeal Conditioner 250ml

Catalogue Number: 600724

…is anatural soap free cleanser, which restores the pH of the skin and is enriched with essential emollients that will soften dry, itchy areas of the scalp, while maitaining the softness and manageability of healthy hair Dosage After shampooing with dermaVeen Oatmeal Shampoo massage conditioner…

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QV Hair Gentle Conditioner 200g

Catalogue Number: 880313

…delivers a soft manageable result, even on sensitive scalps. Benefits Free from fragrance and botanical extracts. Free from soap and colour. pH balanced. Ideal for sensitive skin. Directions After cleansing with QV gentle Shampoo, massage QV gentle Conditioner evenly through the hair, leave for 1…

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Dermaveen Extra Gentle Shower & Bath Oil 1 Litre

Catalogue Number: 762826

…area prior to bathing. Gently pat dry after bathing. Cradle cap: Apply directly to affected scalp. Leave overnight then shampoo scalp using Dermaveen Oatmeal Shampoo Caution: For external use only. Avoid slipping in the bath or shower. For the treatment of the effects of psoriasis you should…

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Ego Moov Head Lice Sensitive 200ml

Catalogue Number: 745345

…the ears and the nape of the neck are covered with the cap. 5. Leave on hair for 20 minutes 6. Remove shower cap, shampoo hair as normal 7. Rinse shower cap with warm water and soap. 8. Repeat steps 1-7, at seven and fourteen days after initial treatment. CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid…

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