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Scholl Orthaheel Slimfit Orthotic For Ladies Shoes Medium

Catalogue Number: 659317

Natural relief from aching legs and feet, feels like walking on air. Indications Orthaheel re-aligns the lower limb, supports the arch and the metatarsal bones, there by providing natural, lasting pain relief and ultimate walking comfort. Dosage Size:US/AUS Men 8-9 / Women 9-10 UK Men 7-8 / Women…

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Scholl Fungal Nail Treatement

Catalogue Number: 975965

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Scholl Gel Toe Spreader

Catalogue Number: 670210

Soft and comfortable Helps relieve the pain of overlapping toes Helps provide relief from pain and soreness Extra cushioning Washable and reusable Indications The gel slowly releases mineral oil to gently soften and moisturise the skin. Dermatologically tested. Washable for repeated use. Dosage…

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Scholl Gel Active Everyday Heels

Catalogue Number: 188745

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Scholl Gel Active Extreme Heels

Catalogue Number: 372075

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Scholl Gel Active Flat Shoes

Catalogue Number: 215290

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Scholl Gel Active Open Shoes

Catalogue Number: 690234

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Scholl Toe Separators 3 Pack

Catalogue Number: 532012

Scholl toe separators super soft help to relieve toes which have sore spots or corns. Protect sore toes from rubbing and relieve pressure between the toes. Washable. Indications Place between the toes thin edge towards the heel. Dosage 2 sizes - 1 large and 2 small

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Scholl Corn & Callous File

Catalogue Number: 539908

Scholl corn callous file with a new more effective design hygienic and durable effectively removes all degrees of hard skin, corn and callous quickly and safely due to its two different abrasive surfaces. With its specially designed handle any area can be treated without difficulty. Indications…

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Scholl Heel Cushions 1 Pair

Catalogue Number: 580010

Scholl heel plus pressure-relief cushions have been specially designed to help relieve the serious discomfort of heel pain caused by bruises, heel spurs, callouses and tender spots. Indications Soft, cushioning, shock-absorbing foam has been anatomically shaped to provide optimal heel comfort and to…

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Scholl Hard Skin Foot File

Catalogue Number: 822123

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Scholl Fresh Step Antiperspirant 96g

Catalogue Number: 992104

Anti-perspirant providing 24 hour relief for dry feet.

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Scholl Orthaheel Regular Orthotic Medium

Catalogue Number: 536902

Indications SIZE: Men 8-9 / Women 9-10 Dosage US/AU - MEN 8-9 WOMEN 9-10 UK MEN 7-8 WOMEN 7-8 EU 41-42,40-41

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Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic Medium

Catalogue Number: 669315

Indications M OH SPORT MEN WOMEN US 8-9 9-10 UK 7-8 7-8 EUR 41-42 41-42

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Scholl Gel Corn Toe Sleeve

Catalogue Number: 660212

- Ideal for sore toes, toenails and corns on toes Can also be cut into a toe sleeve if required. - Cushioning protection from pressure and rubbing - WASHABLE AND REUSABLE Indications Slip onto the sore toe or finger. Remove overnight. Only one tube in packet

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