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Ihealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Catalogue Number: 311249

Know your oxygen flow The Wireless Pulse Oximeter is a great and reliable way to spot-check your blood oxygen saturation SpO2 and pulse rate whether youre are hiking high elevations or training for a marathon. Get feedback instantly, track and view your blood oxygen level readings instantly on the…

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Heartsure Pulse Oximeter

Catalogue Number: 058468

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Omron Long Life Pulse Massager Pad 1 x 2 Pieces

Catalogue Number: 692661

HV-LLPAD For use with Omron Electronic Pulse Massager and Electronic Nerve Stimulator Contains: 1 x 2 pieces Indications Applicable for models: hv-f122 , hv-f123 , hv-f124 , hv-f125 , hv-f16, hv-f127 , hv-f128 , hv-f158 , hv-f305 Dosage 1. Attach cord plug to the jumbo pad 2. Remove the transparent…

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Microlife Blood Pressure Kit A200 AFIB

Catalogue Number: 984434

- Blood pressure pulse measurement - Detection of atrial fibrillation specific heart arrhythmia - Clinically tested BHS protocol - MAM technology automatic triple measurement - 200 Data memory with time and date - Extra Large-Display - Traffic light indicator - Preformed conical cuff - Equipped with…

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Pain Mate Tens Device

Catalogue Number: 199018

…50 uses before replacing battery/gel pads Starts working instantly Safe and effective No wires Portable, convenient carry case included Pulse rate 35Hz. Pulse width 200s fixed Applications Back pain Shoulder pain Hip joint pain Knee joint pain Neck pain place on back of neck only Management of…

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Ihealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Arm

Catalogue Number: 889631

…home, slip on the monitor and with the push of a button the iHealth MyVitals app starts and records the measurement. Your systolic, diastolic and pulse rate get sent directly to your smartphone or tablet with the help of Bluetooth technology. The easy-to-use mobile app saves a history of your…

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Ihealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist

Catalogue Number: 292362

…compliant With the user-friendly mobile app, simply follow the on-screen guide to take a measurement or compare your previous systolic, diastolic and pulse rate numbers from your smartphone or tablet. You can also log on from any computer to view trends or share readings. The free iHealth MyVitals…

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Ihealth Ease Blood Pressure Monitor

Catalogue Number: 616654

Place Your Compatible Device On The Monitor, Apply The Cuff And Measure Instantly Using The Ihealth Myvitals App. Measure Blood Pressure And Pulse. Supports Multiple Users. Share Your Data With Your Pharmacits And Health Professional.

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Gillette Fusion Power Razor

Catalogue Number: 783100

New 5 Blade Shaving Surface 1 Precision Trimmer. Indications Comfort of 5, precision of 1. Battery powered shaving system...emits gentle micro-pulses for an incredible shaving experience. Now with Low Battery Indicator Light and Automatic Shut-Off. Has 5 Powerglider Blades spaced closer together to…

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