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Opsite Flexigrid 6 X 7cm Pack 5

Catalogue Number: 595196

…progress and is removed after the dressing is in place. Opsite flexigrid allows the skin to breathe but prevents bacteria or water entry through the dressing. Opsite flexigrid is adaptable to awkward areas such as elbows and knees. Indications Opsite retains the natural wound exudate which contains…

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Opsite Post Op 6.5 X 5cm Pack 5

Catalogue Number: 516490

Opsite post-op is a clear waterproof wound dressing. It has an absorbent non-adherent melolin pad covered with clear opsite film. It allows body/limb flexing and is comfortable for the patient to wear. It allows the patient to bath or shower without the risk of contamination or the need for a…

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Opsite Post Op 6.5cm x 5cm 1 Piece

Catalogue Number: 757892

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Opsite Post Op 9.5cm x 8.5cm 1 Piece

Catalogue Number: 767890

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Opsite Post Op 20cm x 10cm 1 Piece

Catalogue Number: 897397

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