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Nicabate Pre Quit Patch 21mg 14

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Nicabate Pre Quit Patches 21mg 14

Catalogue Number: 761221

Nicabate pre quit patches 14 patches 21mg clear patches For smokers of 15 or more a day. Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before using this product Commence Nicabate 21 mg/24hr patch Pre-Quit treatment whilst still smoking. After 2 weeks, cease any further use of cigarettes and commence on…

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Nicotinell Patches Step 1 21mg 7 Patches

Catalogue Number: 762802

Helps you stop smoking. Nicotinell patches are a step down approach which will reduce your nicotine dose gradually, rather than stopping suddenly. Each step has a specifically designed patch that supplies your body with nicotine over a 24 hour period

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Nicabate Patches Clear 21mg 14 Days

Catalogue Number: 691247

14 Patches 14 Days Suppky. NICABATE patches are part of a carefully structured programme that includes tailored support materials and FREE access to NICABATE personal advisors, designed to help you stop smokingsee leaflet inside. NICABATE patches, being a step down programme,reduces your nicotine

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Nicabate Patches Clear 21mg 7 Days

Catalogue Number: 699112

…entire NICABATE CQ step down programme: Dosage STEP 1 21MG Initial treatment period- once daily for 6 weeks. STEP 2 14MG Step down treatment-once daily for 2 weeks. STEP 3 7MG Once daily for 2 weeks. If you smoke less than 10 cigerettes per day you should start with Step 214mg/24 hrs patch and use…

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