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Libra Extra Goodnights Wings 10 Extra Long Pads

Catalogue Number: 572664

For overnight and maternity use. 10 night-time pads with wings. Indications Libra goodnights with wings designed for overnight and maternity use give you maximum protection all night long. Extra long for better absorbency, ultra dry cover to keep you fresh, clean and dry, wings for better leakage…

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Libra Ultra Thins No Wings Super 14 Pads

Catalogue Number: 957440

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Libra Tampons Regular 32

Catalogue Number: 933012

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Libra Tampons Super 32

Catalogue Number: 943010

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Libra Tampons Mini 16

Catalogue Number: 562666

unique all over protective cover Indications tampon 8g.tampons are ideal for swimming participating in active sports. Warnings importanttampon use has been associated with toxic shock syndrome.

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Libra Tampons Tapered Super 16

Catalogue Number: 527478

New libra invisible 16 slim tampons super with an ultra-slim technology. Maximum protection in a slim tampon. Libra invisible super gives you all the protection of a super tampon yet is as slim as a regular. It is easier to use and has the unique all over protective cover from tip to base to help…

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Libra Get Fresh Bodywash 150ml

Catalogue Number: 904508

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Libra Get Fresh Wipes 10

Catalogue Number: 923302

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Libra Extra Super Wings 12

Catalogue Number: 756900

BodyFit Shape for comfort and protection. Improved absorbency - Odour neutralising. Extra Wings Super Pads The better the fit the more secure you feel. New BodyFit technology means the pad is designed to fit your body, not just your underwear, for the ultimate in comfort and protection. It also has…

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Libra Invisible Goodnights 10 Pack

Catalogue Number: 603848

Flex ultra thin are an extra long pad especially shaped to give you undisturbed sleep.they have a thin but highly absorbent core that is flexiable which helps the pad shape itself to your body for extra comfort protection.this combined with the extra soft surface make it the ultimate night…

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Libra Ultra Thins Goodnights 10 Wing

Catalogue Number: 627088

Libra Goodnights Ultra Thin is a cushiony pad offering comfort security. It has been designed especially to give you an undisturbed sleep and shaped for comfort with an ultra dry cover. Contoured wings help the pad stay in place.

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Libra Maternity Extra Long Pads Wings 10

Catalogue Number: 624461

…a pad you can depend on. Libra maternity are not only super absorbent, but ultra thin and extra long with wings. The bleeding you experience after birth will be heavy at first but then it will ease. You can then move from the longer maternity pad to regular pad. Libra invisible also have a highly…

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Libra Daily Liners Scented 28 Pack

Catalogue Number: 772954

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Libra Extra Regular Wings 14 Pack

Catalogue Number: 541120

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Libra Invisible Ultra Thin Wing Regular 12

Catalogue Number: 512122


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