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Kids Vitamin C

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Blackmores Probiotics+ Kids Daily Health 30 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 750284

…This potent, multi-action formula contains five clinically trialled probiotic strains providing 20 billion good bacteria, plus a prebiotic, vitamin C and zinc helping support healthy immune system function and general wellbeing. Theres no need to refrigerate- Blackmores Probiotics Immune Defence…

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Natures Way Kids Smart Gummies For Fussy Eaters 60 Pastilles

Catalogue Number: 870030

vitamins, minerals and added vegies to help fill nutritional gaps and help support healthy appetite. And best of all it is a great tasting raspberry flavoured gummie. Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multivitamin for Fussy Eaters can help to fill nutritional gaps. They contain: Vitamins B3 B12 Vitamin C

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Cenovis Kids Vita Tingles Vitamin C Orange 60

Catalogue Number: 931008

…and tissue repair Cenovis Kids Vita Tingles Vitamin C are yummy tasting sugarless chewable fizzy tablets that contain no artificial colours or flavours. The fizzy tablets tingle on your tongue as you chew them which will make taking vitamins fun and easier for you to get your kids to take them

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Natures Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Vitamin C 60 Pastilles

Catalogue Number: 755682

Natures Way Kids Smart Vita Gummies Vitamin C Zinc, Immunity, Health Well-being. Great taste- citrus flavour. Directions: Children 2 years: Take two gummies per day. Each Pastille soft gummie contains: Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C 30mg Zinc as Sulphate 2.5mg

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Nutra Life Ester C For Kids Chewables Orange 60 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 991983

Ester-C is a researched form of Vitamin C that supports natural immunity. It is a non-acidic form of Vitamin C and may be better tolerated than standard Vitamin C in people who are sensitive to acidic foods. Nutra-Life Ester-C for Kids: Provides 24 hour immune support May help reduce the duration…

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Sambucol Kids Immunity Gummies 50

Catalogue Number: 958054

…Do not use if tamper evident seal is broken or missing. Store below 25C. No added: lactose, gluten, yeast, dairy, or artificial colours. Ingredients Sambucus nigra Black elder dry fruit juice equivalent to fresh fruit juice 500mg Zinc as oxide 1.5mg Ascorbic acid Vitamin C 25mg Honey 50mg

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Carusos Kids Calm And Behaviour 75g

Catalogue Number: 936881

…of the central nervous system, in brain development and normal healthy growth. Antioxidant support Carusos Kids Calm and Behaviour also contains French Marine Pine Bark and Vitamin C which are both powerful antioxidants. Its important to remember that children need a healthy balanced diet.…

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Sambucol Cold & Flu Kids Liquid 120ml

Catalogue Number: 850697

…gluten from wheat. Contains potassium sorbate and glucose. No added: lactose, gluten, yeast, dairy, or artificial colours. Ingredients Each 15ml oral liquid contains: Sambucus nigra Black elder dry fruit juice equivalent to fresh fruit juice 5.7g Zinc as oxide 1.305mg Ascorbic acid Vitamin C 55mg

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Ease A Cold Kids Cold & Flu Relief 120ml

Catalogue Number: 725091

To help shorten flu symptoms: Sore throat, Fever, Cough and Congestion, Aches and Pains EASEaCOLD Kids Cold Flu Relief is specially formulated with Black Elderberry, zinc and vitamin C to help fight and relieve cold flu symptoms including Sore Throat, Cough Congestion, Fever, Body Aches Pains. Helps…

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Herron Vita Minis Mvm Chewable Tabs 100 Raspberry

Catalogue Number: 700204

Value pack. Multi-vitamins Minerals for kids. Specially formulated with 18 essential nutrients for growing children. Raspberry flavoured chewable tablets. Tablets can be chewed or crushed and sprinkled on food. Indications Contains Vit C and Zinc for healthy immune function, Vit E whichis a powerful…

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