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Caron Bump Eraser Ingrown Hair Serum 125ml

Catalogue Number: 702571

hair growth, prevent ingrown hairs and reduce the discomfort of hair removal. Ideal for small and larger areas of the body such as legs, chest and back. Directions: Apply twice daily for 2 weeks preferably after a hot shower or bath, then once a day until desired results are achieved. Different hair

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Bump eRaiser No More Ingrowns Medi Paste 30ml

Catalogue Number: 722576

A highly concentrated spot treatment to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pimples. Reduces redness and swelling while preventing infection. Scientifically formulated with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Triclosan Vitamin A to draw out the infection rapidly without causing trauma to…

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Natio For Men Purifying Face Scrub 100g

Catalogue Number: 859452

Fine exfoliating grains gently polish away dead skin for a razor close shave. Helps prevent ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. Lemon to clear the complexion and stimulate the skins circulation. Benzoin to stimulate and uplift. Clears pores and prepares skin for shaving and moisturising. Gently buff…

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Manicare Slant Tweezers Gold Tip

Catalogue Number: 724917

…with a multi-purpose tweezing tip. Made from the finest quality stainless steel. Grip tweezers in the centre of the arms and tweeze hairs in the direction of hair growth. Use the slant side for general tweezing. Flip tweezers to use pointed tips for precision work on ingrown hairs splinters.

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Nads For Men Ingrow Solution 125ml

Catalogue Number: 699187

Minimises Ingrow hairs razor burn Razor bumps Shaving and collar rash Indications Nads For men ingrow solution is the essential post-hair-removal, after-shaving rash and ingrown hair minimising formula, ideal for Face Neck Shoulders Back Legs Dosage Spray Nads FM ingrow solution directly onto…

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Stop In Grow 250ml

Catalogue Number: 634653

Stop in grow, combats ingrown hairs , razor bumps and razor burns. Indications Stop in grow is ideal for womens legs bikini lines, underarms and also mens faces. Dosage Spray directly onto affected areas if spraying on neck and face spray on hands first then apply on the face, for best results use…

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Manicare Tweezer Point Black

Catalogue Number: 664368

…ideal for intricate tweezing, such as ingrown hairs and careful eyebrow shaping. Finest German quality Indications Handy Hint - For best results, use after a hot shower or applying a hot towel to the area that is to be tweezed. This will help to loosen the hair follicle and reduce skin trauma.…

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Nads Ingrow Solution 125ml

Catalogue Number: 628084

Nads Ingrow Solution is the essential after hair removal formula suitable for minimising ingrown hairs, irritation, redness and bumps caused by shaving, waxing, hair removal cremes and electrolysis. Nads Ingrow Solution is ideal for- Legs, Arms and Bikini Line. Indications Contains Aloe Vera and…

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Elite Konjac Body Wave Normal (KONJAC BODY) Sponge

Catalogue Number: 589338

…fibre gently sloughs off dead skin cells, exfoliating the body to give an all-over cleanse. With regular use, the sponge can help reduce ingrown hairs and keep skin smooth. Ergonomically designed with six waves, this Konjac Sponge is great for use in the shower or bath. Consider this a hygienic…

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Waxaway Warm Wax 350g

Catalogue Number: 781671

…For the perfect finish to every hair removal treatment, select from Waxaways Professional Quality Treatment Range. Waxaway After Waxing Oil with All natural Tea Trree Oil Waxaway After Care Lotion with Mango Witch Hazel Waxaway Ingrown Hair Serum Waxaway Hair Minimiser Waxaway a division of Caron…

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