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Gotu Kola

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Natures Own Memory Boost 50 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 648247

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…to the brain and other extremiities. Ginkgo 7500 Complex is a high potency formula containing 7500 on ginkgo, plus synergistic botanicals gotu kola, korean ginseng and hawthorn, along with valuable amino acids. The concentrated extract of Ginkgo biloba in this formula has been standardised…

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Hopes Relief Conditioner Scalp Formula 200ml

Catalogue Number: 773453

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…with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and dermatitis. Gentle and suitable for babies, children and adults. Contains: Calendula, Aloe Vera, Gotu Kola, Manuka Honey and Licorice. Does not contain Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Coal Tar, artificial colours, perfumes, Petro chemicals or minerals oils.…

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Swisse Womens Ultivite Formula 1 120 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 864137

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…30mg Equisetum arvense herb Celery 20mg Apium graveolens seed Ginger 15mg Zingiber officinale root Astragalus 50mg Astragalus membranaceus root Gotu kola 10mg Centella asiatica herb Hawthorn 30mg Crataegus monogyna fruit Chamomile 15mg Matricaria recutita flower Licorice 10mg Glycyrrhiza glabra root…

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Swisse Body Cream 500ml

Catalogue Number: 804352

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A hydrating, lightweight body cream for all over skin nourishment. Vitamin D supports healthy skin. Gotu Kola rejuvenates, strengthens and supports collagen production. Together they have a positive effect on the look and feel of your skin. Directions for use Apply liberally to dry or damp skin.…

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Swisse Bio Active Nature Oil 60ml

Catalogue Number: 983911

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…Granatu Pomegranate Sterols An excellent hydrator. Can help support the skins barrier function against environmental damage. Centella asiatica Gotu kola leaf Helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, and assists in the maintenance of healthy skin. Ascorbyl palmitate Vitamin C A potent…

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