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Dermeze Thick Cream 500g

Catalogue Number: 908643

Do you find ointments a little too greasy, yet still require high-octane moisture Introducing Dermeze Thick Cream - a unique ointment-cream blend. This easily absorbed formulation combines much of an ointments power with a creamier consistency, providing a moisture-locking barrier on the skin to…

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Dermeze Thick Cream 150g

Catalogue Number: 997647

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Dermeze Cream 100g

Catalogue Number: 987640

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Dermeze Ointment 100g

Catalogue Number: 939433

A moisturiser for dry skin conditions Developed by Pharmacy Department Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne Indications Conains liquid paraffin 50 w/w White soft Paraffin 50 w/w Storage Store below 25C.

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Dermeze Soap Free Wash 1 Litre

Catalogue Number: 713811

Dermeze - Soap Free - Body Wash. Body wash and facial cleanser - hypoallergenic - fragrance free. Dermeze Soap Free Wash is an effective cleansing treatment, an alternative to soap. Its mild formulation is suitable for dry, itchy or sensitive skins. Soap free pH balanced Oil free - will not clog…

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