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Ford Senna Extra Strength Natural Herbal Laxative 100 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 805527

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Nulax 500g

Catalogue Number: 593914

This item is low in stock at the moment. Please contact our customer service hotline: 1300 347 328 or 02 9735 0100 for information on availability.

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Carusos Bowel Clear 30 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 532478

…to relieve constipation Constipation is a very common digestive problem, which can really make your life a misery. It can be caused by a variety of things including simple changes to your lifestyle and not enough physical activity. Even travelling can upset your natural rhythm, causing constipation.

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Glycerol Suppos Adult Petrus 12

Catalogue Number: 502918

For the short term treatment of constipation.If the condition persists seek medical advice. Dosage Moisten the tip of the suppository before insertion in the rectum.To remove suppository tear one from the strip along the perforation then peel it from the container by pulling apart the tabs at the…

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Microlax Enema 5ml X 4

Catalogue Number: 533917

4 tubes of 5ml microenema Indications Gentle relief of constipation usually within 30 minutes. Dosage DIRECTIONS 1. Twist and pull the seal of nozzle. 2. Squeeze the tube slightly so that a drop of microlax smears the tip and makes insertion easier. 3. Insert the nozzle fully into the rectum…

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Picoprep Sachet 2

Catalogue Number: 514917

sodium picosuphate oral powder laxative preparation pleasant lemon taste Indications for use in conjunction with: COLONOSCOPY, CONSTIPATION, SURGERY, BOWEL EVACUATION, INTRAVENOUS PYLOGRAMSIVP, ABDOMINAL X-RAY EXAMINATIONS. contains 2x15.5g sachets Dosage on the day prior to the examination , drink…

Prescription Required

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Agiofibe Granules 250g

Catalogue Number: 579818

Agiofibe granules are a unique natural fibre supplement which helps to restore and maintain regularity, Agiofibe contains both insoluble and soluble fibre in the same fibre ratio as found in the normal balanced diet, Indications It contains 70 insoluble and 30 soluble, This helps to reduce the…

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Dulcolax Suppos 10mg Pack 10

Catalogue Number: 570912

Consumer Medical Information

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Prunelax Extra Strength 20 Tablets

Catalogue Number: 891394

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Metamucil Wild Berry 72 Doses 425g

Catalogue Number: 767718

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Movicol Chocolate 30 x 13.9g Sachets

Catalogue Number: 876124

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Movicol Flavour Free 30 x 13.7g Sachets

Catalogue Number: 866126

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Movicol Powder 8 x 13.8g Sachets

Catalogue Number: 839120

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Osmolax Powder 510g 30 Doses

Catalogue Number: 747567

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Carusos Quick Cleanse IBS Remedy 60 Capsules

Catalogue Number: 690490

Symptomatic relief of medically diagnosed IBS constipation flatulence dyspepsia and bloating intestinal spasms and cramps indigestion associated with IBS.

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