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Clear Sinus Caps 60

Catalogue Number: 648835

Clear Sinus for the relief of the symptoms of Sinusitis and congested nasal passages with headache. About Clear Sinus: Sinusitis is a condition in which the membrane that lines the nasal sinuses become inflamed and often also infected. There is a throbbing pain behind the eyes and forehead that gets…

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Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit 12 Sachets

Catalogue Number: 728022

…medical nasal and sinus douche for the relief of: Colds Flu Sinusitis Chronic rhinosinusitis Hayfever and allergies CPAP therapy Also ideal for post operative care DIRECTIONS: Add 200ml of lukewarm pre-boiled water to Flo bottle Ass contents of one Flo sachet Close bottle with cap and shake until…

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Otrivin Adult Nasal Spray Original 10ml

Catalogue Number: 568163

…caused by colds, flu, sinusitis or hayfever. Indications Blow nose gently to clear. Remove protective cap. Before first use, pump applicator several times to prime nozzle. Insert nozzle into nostril and press applicator firmly once while sniffing deeplyReplace protective cap. Each pack should be…

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Snorestop Nasospray 9ml

Catalogue Number: 785401

…help relieve snoring symptoms, open nasal passages and clear sinus congestion. Dosage For use by adults and children over 5yrs of age. Shake bottle before each use. Hold with thumb at bottom of bottle and the nozzle between two fingers. Remove cap and safety clip first. Before using the first time,…

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Goanna Eucalyptus Oil 100ml

Catalogue Number: 527193

For the relief of symptoms of head colds, sinus and influenza. Directions for use: Add a teaspoon of the oil to a bowl or jug of boiling water and inhale the vapors to clear blocked stuffy noses. For adults and children it can be rubbed on the chest. Pour a few drops into a handkerchief, pillows,…

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Otrivin Junior Md Dose Nasal Spray 10ml

Catalogue Number: 578161

Otrivin acts quickly to relieve a blocked or runny nose caused by colds, flu, sinusitis or hay fever. Indications Clear nose of mucus by wiping, or have child blow nose gently. Remove protective cap. Before first use, pump applicator several times to prime nozzle. Insert nozzle into nostril and…

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Otrivin Adult Nasal Spray Menthol 10ml

Catalogue Number: 605955

…nose caused by colds, flu, sinusitis, hayfever or other allergic rhinitis Before first use, remove protective cap and press the applicator several times until an even spray is produced. The pump is now primed ready for use. Blow nose gently to clear. Remove protective cap. Insert nozzle into nostril…

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Pharmacy Choice Nasal Spray Pump 20ml

Catalogue Number: 795135

…colds, influenza, allergies and sinusitis. A fully blocked nose is a common sympton of these conditions. It is a result of the lining of the nasal passage becoming inflamed and swollen. Pharmacy Choice Decongestant Nasal Spray reduces the nasal congestion and clears blockages quickly. It is fast…

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