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Natio Happiness Ceramic Essential Oil Burner

Catalogue Number: 593498

…air. Use with Natios Soy Candles, specially designed for the Ceramic Oil Burner. Made from 100 premium natural soy wax, the candles feature a lead free, pure cotton wick and offer up to 9 hours burning time. High quality glazed Ceramic Essential Oil Burner to diffuse essential oils and blends Ideal…

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Fabulous Intensive Growth 15ml

Catalogue Number: 618398

…remove with Faberge Nail Polish Remover, and re-apply Intensive Growth. Repeat for 15 days. Leave 7 days between each 15 day treatment. To Maintain Nails: Regularly apply an even coat on dry, clean nails as a base coat to coloured nail enamel or Faberge Ceramic Glaze. Warnings Not tested on animals.

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